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The world’s smallest, single racing yacht

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The yacht MINI 230 is an innovative project. The project and the first yachts were created in 2017. The whole concept is our original idea, and the yacht was designed for us by Leszek Gonciarz.
MINI 230 is a one-man yacht for both regatta and recreation. It is intended for navigation even in the smallest waters. It can be used by people of all ages, including those with varying degrees of disability. It is also perfect for learning, we immediately practice the control of a yacht with sloop type of sails.
MINI 230 a lot of forgiving novice sailors and after a few attempts, the yacht flows wherever the helmsman desires. For enthusiasts of the regatta we give the opportunity to weight the yacht - the raised seat provides enough space for ballasting.
The unit has modern hull shapes and an extremely slim superstructure. The helmsman sits in it as if in a companionway and with his head above the roof of a small superstructure, he operates sails and rudder from there.
MINI 230 can start from both a platform and shallow water or from the beach. Lifting the daggerboard and the rudder blade is performed by helmsman.
All materials for production MINI 230 come from local suppliers and the production is entirely Polish. The yacht was made of high quality laminates, thanks to which its weight is only 40 kg. The mast is light and put into a specially prepared cover, just like the rest of the rigging. This allows you to easily carry a yacht on the roof of a car.


28 February 2019

Award – Yacht of the Year 2019 in Poland

10 August 2018

Yacht of the Year – Nomination

10 March 2018

Award – Gwóżdź Targów (XXX Wiatr i Woda w Warszawie)

19 November 2017

Journalists award – XIX BoatShow Łódź

11 September 2017

Special Award – Mazury Water Sports Fair 2017

Yacht test

4 November 2017

Test of MINI 230 – Żagle magazine



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