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About company


Pragmatical Solution Piotr Stankiewicz is the owner of the MINI 230 brand and sole producer of yachts of this class.

The project and the first steps towards the development of the MINI 230 brand were carried out from May 2017. In July 2017, the MINI 230 was premiered. During the XII Fair of Water Sports “Wiatr i Woda” in Gdynia we presented the yacht for the first time.
The entire MINI 230 concept is the original idea of the company team and the yacht was designed for us by Leszek Gonciarz.
The MINI 230 yacht is a unique market offer:

  • Independence - independent sailing without completing the crew
  • Fast movement - easy transport and launching of the yacht practically on every water body
  • Use by all family members
  • No additional costs - wintering the yacht in the garage
  • Ability to quickly learn sailing skills.

Customers who buy a yacht receive units fully prepared for sailing with the possibility of personalizing them through the selection of additional equipment.


Unions and Associations

The company is a member of the

Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports

Polish Yachts


The company has manufacturer's code given by Polish Sailing Association (Polski Związek Żeglarski)

Manufacturer's code Pragmatical Solution Piotr Stankiewicz - PSK

The manufacturer's code has been assigned to Pragmatical Solution Sp. z o.o., under what brand name the company operated in 2018-2019

Manufacturer's code is part of the identification number (CIN) of a recreational watercraft

PZŻ - manufacturer's code


Company data

Pragmatical Solution Piotr Stankiewicz
Przy Lesie 17A
05-502 Piaseczno
Phone: +48 603 793 754
VAT: PL5421266873
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