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The MINI 230 yacht in the basic offer is a unit that is immediately seaworthy after the rigging.

Additional elements of the equipment allows you to adapt the MINI 230 to your own preferences.

Basic version includes:
  1. MINI yacht 230 with full rigging
  2. Sails (mainsail and jib, dacron, white)
  3. Set of covers for: sails, mast, boom, daggerboard, rudder blade and yoke
  4. Pocket set
  5. Aluminium yacht stand
Additional elements:
  1. BlackLine regatta sails (mainsail and jib, special radial cut)
  2. Storm sails (mainsail and jib, horizontal cut, dacron, white)
  3. Reinforced daggerboard with ballast
  4. Slip /yacht trolley
  5. Cover for the top of the yacht


Order in a few simple steps:

  • We prepare an offer based on customer data
  • After agreeing the offer, the customer receives the documents to be verified - the contract, the conditions of collection and transport
  • After receiving a pro-forma invoice, the customer pays the value of the agreed advance
  • Within 15 business days of receipt of the payment, the MINI 230 yacht(s) is (are) ready to receive (period depends on the moment and size order)



Pickup place: Nowy Redzeń 101H, 95-040 Koluszki, Poland


Transport options:

1. Carriage by a transport company - preparation of the yacht(s)One yacht - a unit prepared for carriage by a transport company:

(a) One yacht on the pallet - pack with a mast and a pack with a daggerboard are inserted under the yacht in the main package. The whole is placed on the pallet dimensions 330x120cm (combined three pallets: 110x120cm). Total weight (without pallets): 55 kg

(b) Two yachts on the pallet - two main packages (along with additional ones - as in option (a)) placed on one pallet (dimensions as in option (a)). Total weight (without pallets): 110 kg

You cannot set anything on the top of packaged product !!!

2. Delivery by the manufacturer:

We deliver up to 6 yachts using the manufacturer's own transport.

3. Own collection by the customer:

(a) Yacht picked up without packing

(b) The yacht is wrapped in shrink wrap; mast transported separately

(c) Yacht packed in a pack (pumi material 65g/m) completely covering the unit; mast transported separately

The cost of transport is borne by the customer.

We help in organizing a comprehensive transport service after the client accepts its costs.


The yacht is packed in an industrial, durable cardboard box. The whole consists of three packages:
Main pack

  • Dimensions (length-width-height): 240x120x110 cm
  • Content : MINI 230 hull with fittings, rudder blade with yoke, boom, aluminium stand, sails

Mast pack

  • Dimensions (length-width-height): 320x15x9 cm
  • Content : mast with fittings

Daggerboard pack

  • Dimensions (length-width-height): 150x22x4 cm
  • Content : daggerboard

The cost of packing is borne by the customer.

Packing is not required fin case of own collection or transport by us.

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